welcome to aniGen

welcome to anigen

aniGen is a browser-based editor that focuses mainly on the creation and editing of SVG animations.
This application requires an SVG-capable browser to run.
Anigen also works with cookies and javascript - it will not run properly without these features turned on.

Please read user manual before you use aniGen.

You either don't have javascript enabled, or your browser doesn't support SVGs.

Otherwise, click here to continue.

aniGen is free software. Since it costs money to keep it running, you are ancouraged to donate to the author.

The editor is currently in alpha - most of the functionality is dodgy at best. Do not use it to edit files you don't have backed up!


AniGen (the software) is free software created by Ondřej "Aibo" Benda (the author). It is distributable under GPLv3.

The author claims no responsibility for any use of the software that could result in copyright infringment, as well as any unlawful use.

By clicking the above link (or the logo), you accept the terms and conditions, as specified the user manual.